Raggedy Zirkus Live @ La Maison Folie

by neil elliott beisson & Cindya Izzarelli are Raggedy Zirkus

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neil elliott beisson tried for a while to be an artist, writing poetry, trying to accompany himself on beatbox, bass and guitar by using a loop pedal.
Those recordings were rescued from an external hard drive: he documented his own musical and poetic endeavors for rehearsing purposes before eventually turning his back on art and disappearing. Please excuse the poor quality of the recordings and the out of tune notes.
Those two tracks were recorded during a live performance prior to the album release.
The rights to the master recordings for the Raggedy Zirkus project belong to Cindya Izzarelli and Earphones Productions.

neil elliott beisson also used to draw and his works can be seen on an Issuu page: issuu.com/neilelliott
He tried from his High School years until 2012 to "make it", before eventually dropping off the grid.
All the material displayed on this Youtube channel, Soundcloud stream and Issuu page is of his composition and is copyrighted.


released March 19, 2010

Cindya Izzarelli - Main Vocals
neil elliott beisson - Guitar



all rights reserved